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“Without the cell phone you can not live”

“The Disconnected Challenge” is a reality show in which three people abandon their cell phones and any type of Internet connection for 48 hours. The objective is to show how they react while trying to solve by their own means all the difficulties that arise in their daily routine.

The TV program continues for two days to Macarena, a young Argentine dancer; to Gema, a Mexican wedding planner; and to Víctor, a Brazilian Advertising student. As the hours pass, the behavior of these characters changes and discover how today smart devices managed to become an essential tool to perform both work and socially.

The reality show will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 27, by Discovery and is part of the “Phone Life Balance” campaign, which is being carried out by Motorola.

Macarena Fuentes lives in Ingeniero Maschwitz, Buenos Aires. She is 30 years old and a dancer. Take dance lessons, like to go for a run and eat out. He confesses that he uses his cell phone as an alarm clock, to listen to music, to orientate himself in the street, as an agenda, as a means of entertainment and to inform himself about future castings. During this experiment he had to use all his skills to do without this tool and fulfill his daily tasks.

“Being in a reality show like that was weird, with a lot of mixed feelings since I had not been using the phone for a long time,” Macarena told Clarín.

On this particular experience, Macarena went through various emotions to be without a cell phone. In addition to feeling “a little addicted to the phone”, the fact of not having it also helped her to deal with boredom, and even to be able to enjoy a book again in her free time. “I stopped being alienated with the screen to start chatting and listening to my friends without the need to escape through the phone,” he said.

Precisely, the Argentine participant was the one that showed the highest abstinence to the cell among the participants. “At the beginning it was very strange, I realized that I used it a lot, since I do everything from the phone, I was confused and even in a bad mood, I did not remember where to get off the bus to go back home, ja.”

“I realized that nobody is going to die for being without a cell phone, it’s true, but being without him complicates your life, so I ask that we not live without a telephone, without a cell phone you can not live. when to use it, “said the dancer.

For his part, the Brazilian Víctor Selqueira Santos is the youngest of the participants of the special. With only 20 years, this centennial revealed that “he does not know what it is to live without an Internet connection”. He uses it all day long for his work in an audiovisual production company, to study and to keep in touch with his friends. For him, his phone represents an extension of his body.

Through this experience of disconnection, Victor began to question the fact of over-reliance on the smartphone and understands the value of personal contact with those around him.

Gema Kareh is a meticulous 49-year-old Mexican wedding planner, who says “can not live without a cell phone” because it is her main work tool. Arrange meetings with the brides who hire, make purchases, request and share budgets, move around the city are some of the activities you will have to solve for two days without your great ally or any other device connected to the Internet.

Gema is Mexican, 49 years old and is a wedding planner. He also participated in The Disconnected Challenge.
Gema is Mexican, 49 years old and is a wedding planner. He also participated in The Disconnected Challenge.

Throughout the program, neurokinetic and professor at the Torcuato Di Tella University, Andrés Rieznik, contributed his knowledge when analyzing the behavior of the participants. “All three showed the anxiety of a person who has been denied access to a substance, to gambling … that typical compulsive behavior,” he said.

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