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The Mushroom Paper – Mysteriously Qualified Proof of Life

The pictures have the net freaking out, as stories like this usually do, but some people online stay justifiably skeptical. Nonetheless, the paper was finally published along with the journal’s news release was remarkably kind, asking only, Why the opposition to publishing signs?”. Additionally, it alludes to religious motivations as a supply of this irrational opposition”.

But do not be fooled by this seemingly harmless question. This paper isn’t jam-packed with indisputable proof and watertight reasoning. Despite admitting that the similarities in morphology aren’t evidence of life and that their evidence is unverified, the writers claim that the answer to their paper’s name is a resounding yes. We admit, says coco-authoregina Dass, a mycologist in Pondicherry University in India, we do not have a smoking gun. No pictures of cells or cellular structure. There’s no definitive evidence, only a great deal of evidence that cries: Biology.”. While NASA itself has not responded to these new claims, its scientists have already researched the phenomenon you may see on the photo above. Rather than mushrooms, NASA calls them blueberries however unlike the writers of the new paper, no one in the area agency actually thinks these very small spheres are an indication of life, let alone growing fruits or vegetable. In the year 2004, the Opportunity rover discovered millions of those blueberries and upon analysis, it was determined to be composed of the iron oxide, hematite.

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