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Talk German, get $19k to stay in bed for 2 months. Love to lounge in bed and get paid for it

 If you’re German-speaking, healthful and average age, NASA and the European Space Agency are ready to pay you $19, 000 to lie in bed for 2 months. The space agencies need Earth jumped volunteers to test how artificial gravitation might help keep astronauts healthful in space, the CNET reported on Friday. The prolonged bed rest a part of the Artificial Gravity Bed Rest study that introduced this week to the effect of weightlessness on the human body.

The Phase-II, to be conducted by the German Aerospace Center from Sept through December at Cologne, Germany, needs healthful as well as German-speaking 12 men and 12 women aged between 24 and 55 decades. We’re intrigued in how to keep the health and performance of man, in space and on Earth, based on a statement interpreted from the DLR web site for the project. If astronauts would be to live for long periods in space, or on the moon and Mars, science requires effective measures to counteract bone and muscle atrophy. The 24 people will spend their days and nights at beds angled downward by six degrees, propped up with their toes in an incline over their heads, with one shoulder touching the mattress in any way times, the report said.

This position reduces blood circulation to the extremities, such as astronauts in space expertise. While astronauts currently adhere to an intense exercise regime to stay strong, the bed rest study will be for the very first time investigate the use of some so-called short-arm human centrifuge to create artificial gravitation and force blood back into the extremities, CNET noted. One group of study volunteers will probably be spun around from the centrifuge whilst the other team wouldn’t. The centrifugal force can be adjusted in accordance with the subject’s dimensions. Plus the sixty days required for bed rest, participants will stay an additional 29 days for acclimatization and supervised healing involving stretching, massage, and physiotherapy, the report said.

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